Unified Messaging System (UMS)

Organizations can now manage, synchronize, and coordinate service interactions across a broad range of communications channels including the Web, email, telephone, fax, text-based chat, and voice over IP (VOIP).


UniVersus™ platform from Alliance is a complete GUI enabled platform for creating and deploying telephony applications. UniVersus™ provides a reliable, tested and transparent means for building customized vertical applications to meet the needs of different businesses.UniVersus™ from Alliance is a significant tool for reducing costs, eliminating lost calls and increasing customer service. Alliance UniVersus™ is a simple concept. It builds an integration path between telephone networks, computer networks and messaging systems that allows you to communicate through a wide spectrum of devices.


UniVersus™ is built to work with open components from Intel Dialogic. Organizations can utilize the investment in their existing databases, messaging systems and telephone systems.




For businesses today, streamlined communications have become vital to the very existence. The need for cost-effective communications solutions has become evident in all market places. We encourage you to contact us to collaborate on the applications which would work best for you and your business. The following are suggested applications that would apply to the given verticals.


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