Seamlessly serving your SMS messaging requirements


Modular, scalable and standards-based, the SMS Solutions from Alliance Infotech provides mobile personnel the capability to exchange real-time information with the enterprise to meet the specific needs of customers, Alliance provides adaptive, proven and scalable products across a broad range of devices to extend existing applications into a mobile environment and to develop and deliver new mobile solutions optimized for wireless.


Alliance SmsXchange leads way as a solution through which SMS messages can be sent and delivered.


With SmsXchange you can send or receive SMS directly on your desktop. It dramatically increases your organization’s productivity.




  Corporate SMS applications enhancing efficiency for employees and transfer of information covering :
a. E-mail transfer to mobile handsets via SMS and replies over SMs for transfer back as e-mails.
b. Corporate SMS and Chat solutions building localized discussion boards catering to user groups with the organization enhancing the decision process and transfer of information.
c. Low volume Data transfer facilities over SMS in areas where limited internet access is available.
d. Building Complete networks over SMS for linking the distribution and the dealer channels covering order entry, product queries for prices and availability, shipment alerts and queries etc
• Complete SMS solutions for information services and insecure transactions over regular handsets. As an extension to this package, we also have developed a complete SIM Tool Kit module for compatible handsets covering secure transactions enabling complete banking services over SMS. The data transfer is over the regular SMS channel, but is encrypted in basic 64-bit encryption and is secure for regular transactions.


Also developed is a complete transaction system for micropayments over SMS covering Merchant Establishments and the regular consumer authorizing payments over SMS and hosted over a 2 Way SMS platform residing directly over the banking server. Advantages here are that the complete services are hosted within the banking premises and receiving and sending SMS is also done from within their premises. Options include:
– SMS delivery over an https connection directly to the SMSC
– Supporting STK functionality for secure transactions
– Receiving over GSM modems for national and international access and not limited to a single network through a shortcode
– Web interfaces for information and configuration.
• Complete Gaming Server capable of handling a variety of SMS and WAP games configured for :
a. Single and Multiplayer games.
b. Games with free access or registration.
c. Instant or scheduled games.
d. Interfaces for payments through Scratch Cards, IVR lines, Online payment gateways or even CDR outputs for direct billing.
e. Multi-language support with a seamless operation for players in various languages.
f. SMS receipt through GSM modems or direct SMSC connections.
g. SMS delivery over GSM modems or direct SMSC connections with CIMD/SMPP protocols.
• Bulk messaging solutions to corporate
clients through our various SMSC links and can also set these up for clients based on their individual needs.


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