Alliance VoiceXchange with a configurable call flow offers a fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product to connect your customers, databases, telephones, and fax machines. A customer can call and receive answers to specific questions or place an order and receive faxed confirmations.



• Anytime, anywhere, anyway customer service
• Quicker resolution of service issues
• Faster time to market
• Multi-language customer service
• Deploys new service without heavy investment
• Allocation of customer service agents to more complex tasks
• Cost savings from operational efficiency
• Fast, consistent information delivery
• Can be used as a Fax-on-demand service
• Provide the most updated product or service information
• Record customer messages for follow-up later
• Store thousands of pages of fax information to send to customers upon request
• Perform automated transaction processing without human intervention
• Make over-due payment reminder outbound calls
• Automatically generate detailed call statistics reports



• Receive a call
• Define a menu of choices callers will hear
• Recognize DTMF tones
• Play information to callers
• Change the speed and volume level of a message
• Speak Information stored in an electronic audio file
• Read aloud text stored in ASCII format (optional)
• Send and receive ADSI information (optional)
• Verify a caller’s identity
• Retrieve/update information stored on host PC or via LAN
• Transfer the call to suitable CSR
• Screen pop-up
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