Arcane Lite

Alliance Infotech’s – Arcane Lite are compact, innovative, state-of-the-art USB recorders for both Inbound and Outbound Telephone Calls. The interface with analog phone lines and provide everything you need to record, store and manage telephone conversations with ease. Valuable data can be retrieved and analyzed long after the telephone conversation has faded from memory. When equipped with the network option, multiple Arcane Lite systems can be linked together for expanded capacity.
Time is of the essence when trying to trace or track a particular call that includes crucial information. Recordings of calls can be accessed instantly. The Date, Time, Duration of the call and Identity of the Caller is provided with search options, depending on system configurations. Supervisor(s) can monitor operators either after an event or in real-time, using Arcane Lite, thus enabling Instant Security Checks or Performance Assessment.




  • Voice Recording: Automatic Recording of both sides telephonic  Conversation/ audio/ radio conversation simultaneously on all the channels.
  • Date & Time: Recording of Date, Time and Duration of the call. Moreover, the system also offers the Start and Stop time of the recorded calls.
  • Start/Stop Time: The system will also record Start and Stop time of all the recorded conversations.
  • Duration: Duration of all the recorded calls are logged and can be reviewed on the main screen.
  • In/Out Tagging: Tagging for incoming (In) and for Outgoing (Out) calls against the telephone numbers.
  • Searching Sorting: A user-friendly operation for searching the logged calls and sorting through Channels, Calls (In/Out), Start time, Duration and Date & Time.
  • Operating Principle: The system works on the principle of On/Off Hook and VOX(Voice Operated mode) and both the modes are full users programmable for individual target lines.
  • Channel Filtering: This feature allows the user to independently configure channels to filter out the Recorded Calls having Dialed number, Starting With, Ending With.
  • Alert /Indication: System will give an alert on Disc Full/Approaching  Full (Programmable).
  • Security: Multi-level Security by Password Protection System (Administration, Supervisor and )Operator.
  • Hardware System Specification : Standard PC with following configuration (P-IV,512 MB RAM/80 GB HDD/ CD writer/ USB Port/ Windows XP).
  • Verticals Best Suited: SME / Financial Broker / Security Agencies / Hospitality / Transportation.



  • Maximum Interoperability and Scalability
  • Easy to operate – Point & Click Operation to learn
  • Precision Search and Extensive Reporting Capabilities


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