How does CRM integration boost the productivity of agents?

A happy customer is your brand promoter. However, only a good agent is able to conduct a contextual conversation to increase the satisfaction of customers, which makes a happy customer. Agents have strict deadlines and no time to take a break from their busy schedules. So, how do you look after your agents? CRM integration with leading applications not only enhances productivity but also helps agents to deliver fast service.

According to the latest study, CRM applications can increase sales by up to 29 %. CRM software allows agents to get a holistic view of the details and purchasing behavior of customers to keep their conversation in context. How about adding additional time with automation to your agent day?


Single Sign-On

How do you like it if there’s no need to remember multiple passwords and login is just one click away? Single Sign-On Automatic two-way sync between the CRM and your system eliminates every time you need to log into passwords. Now, when running multiple applications, Agent doesn’t have to struggle, once signing up, he or she can retrieve the information they are looking for and focus on critical issues quickly.

Drive contextual interactions

Do your agents fight to remember customer details? Naturally, every day they handle a high call volume. The history of customer interaction in CRM helps agents to understand their journey and pain points. And they can lead to contextual interaction once they know the problem. The existing customers do not ask the agent repeated questions. Even before the call is made, the agent is aware of the details, because his or her system is integrated with CRM and will resolve your questions in one go.


Knock out Human Error

Agents fail to offer consistent service with bottlenecked schedules because manual errors are always contained. Reduce the potential to dial false numbers when a click-to-dial functionality is available. With just one click agents can dial any number without the CRM number be manually dialed.


Quick Call Features

An agent can transfer the call to other agents and resolve the request of the customer in one step while on call. The provision of functions such as call recording, conference call, and callback planning helps agents to quickly resolve their requests. They have the ability to add notes and customer follow-up in CRM. While Agent was on a call with the client, without going to another screen she could edit the contact details in CRM. Agent work all around the clock and are the building blocks of a company.


Enhance your agents with technologies that help them please their customers to initiate a first customer environment. Increase the productivity of agents while ensuring that agents meet your business requirements through CRM integrating capabilities.