Call Center Solutions

Alliance Call Center solution has all the features of a modern call center providing inbound call handling for customer care as well as outbound for telesales and order management, technical support, directory service, debt chasing and customer follow up applications offering process based flexibility.

An alliance Call center is designed to suite perfection and can be customized based on process requirement, it is a blend of various application modules which are the backbone of a call center. The solution gives the user all the features and flexibility to expand both vertically and horizontally, it can be incorporated with legacy systems or modern Digital and IP systems.

Below is a diagrammatic representation of key modules of call center solution:


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  • IVRS Based menu traversal to offer static and dynamic information
  • CTI enabled CRM to fetch CLI and client details for quick & enhanced customer service
  • Voice Logger to offer enhanced quality monitoring and optimize agent’s subject knowledge also helps in compliance.
  • SMS, Email and Fax integration to be able to give prompt information and receive documents and written authorizations.
  • Dialer and ACD is to be able to optimize agents and influence massive with minimal resource.
  • Embedded Chat modules help to address customers visiting a website to seek knowledge online.
  • The system offers a real-time report and charts to draw analytical conclusions and take directive measures.

An alliance call center is an effective suite that can help you to know and manage your customers in the most efficient, productive and friendly way.