Alliance implements Convergent Communication Platform.


UniVersus™ Unified messaging for a Telecommunications Service Provider.


The Client


Our client is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in India. The company has a wide presence in the Indian sub-continent with multiple locations. With a subscriber base of over 500,000, they enjoy strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.


The Strategic Threshold


With cellular licenses being given to new entrants, the client had to adopt an aggressive strategy to retain and add new customers. The revenue streams were also under pressure from declining airtime revenue. The key was to think outside the box and come up with a solution to add to the existing value-added services while increasing the revenue streams. The IT Solutions group of the client took a very forward-thinking approach to determine how their network infrastructure and business applications should look beyond today and in the future. With the idea to maximize revenue, reduce customer churn and promote usage, the team looked towards the UniVersus™ product as a unified messaging solution to be deployed within its subscriber base. The prerequisite was that technology for technology’s sake no longer applies; an IT investment will only be implemented if it makes business sense.


Our Solution


Our team worked with the client to understand the customer better. Soon after, the team presented their case. They had identified that the subscribers could use their service provider for other messaging services. SMS had already picked up and volumes had justified the investment in the software and marketing efforts. The time now was to enable the infrastructure to support Voice Messaging and Fax as well. Alliance projected revenue increases of up to 15% on the current subscriber bills with the use of this software. The team picked up this project in phases and enabled Phase I where the subscriber would call into the wireless network and is able to leave voice emails for contacts in his address book, on the move. He could also retrieve and forward emails from his account at the service provider’s end.


UniVersus™ allowed the client to manage all their business-critical communications-voice, fax and email messages on one of the most secure and highly stable platforms in the industry. The investment in UniVersus™ would pay for itself within weeks rather than months.


The client had already recognized that their subscribers would pay for the UniVersus™ inbox managing their email, fax and voice messages. No more hoping that someone would deliver fax to him/ her from the machine down the hall. And sending messages would also be much easier and require practically no user training because that same inbox could be used for sending and receiving all message types. Retrieving messages on the fly was also made possible with the solution.


“The thing I like about UniVersus™ is the great flexibility of the product. I can choose to develop applications for specific business needs quickly and not worry about service support issues” says their Customer Services head.


The user now had the power to manage all of its communication at any place and anytime, using any communication device wired or wire-free.

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