Emergency Alerting System


Constant contact and instant communication are essential in building strong security system during emergencies. And this is where the sheer capability and convenience of Audio Conferencing plays a major role.



Our client is one of the largest Airport that has the distinction of being the first airport in India, to be constructed through a public-private partnership. Built and operated along the highest international standards, it was the fourth busiest airport in the country in terms of overall passenger traffic and fifth busiest in terms of international passenger traffic.
The airport handled about 9.3 million passengers and had air traffic movements (ATM) of about 280 per day in the year 2009. The airport can now handle 11 million people per annum with 27 aircraft movements per hour and an estimated 550 movements. At its peak, it can handle 720 aircraft movements in a day The total floor area is approximately 71,000 m2 (760,000 sq ft) and the terminal building is designed to accommodate 3,000 passengers at peak hour. The airport is expected to handle 17 million passengers in the year 2015.



While the airport aims to give passengers the ultimate travel experience it was also to maintain the security of passengers, with every day this huge passenger landing and flying the airport authority needed an emergency handling system to handle emergencies like Oil Spillage, Cyclone, Vision clarity for flying airplane or aircraft crash and much more.



Our Client turned to Alliance Konfer, which was able to provide a uniquely built solution as per the requirement with distinct functionality of varied emergencies. The system was equipped to let know the group of individuals responsible for a certain emergency by calling them automatically, helping the concerned members to take decision over the call, send SMS to other concerned parties and keep the history of all the emergencies and the action taken during the panic state. The responsible concerned authorities are sent a copy of the decision which acts as a reference for future uncertainties.

The system was deployed with a robust PBX system on E1 ISDN PRI interface which is governed by authentic operator. The moderator (Higher Authority) can control the emergency conference with special tools built by Alliance Infotech; the system is tightly integrated with IVRS and web interface with the option of alerting through Dialout, SMS and E-mail, other features being On demand Recording of the conference, Coaching, Lecture Mode and Mute.




  • Offers a single service platform for all kind of emergencies and maintain history.
  • System can be designed for minimum of 24 people alert till 1000’s on a single click.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain the system.
  • Complete user friendly interfaces for users, provides detailed reporting of all emergencies.


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