The Alliance Ensembler CRM Business Solutions is designed to help an organization with multiple companies and branches to acquire and retain customers and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. Alliance Ensembler provides a robust account management system that automatically tracks sales-related activities and revenues.

With Alliance Ensembler  CRM a user can generate customer invoices based on their contracts and orders and can easily track and report on both billing and payment information for their entire customer base, a subset, or even individual customers. One can also send reminders to the customers when payment is delayed through fax or email. With the financial management module of Alliance CRM, one can know about outstanding invoices and can track all the payment history.

Owners and directors of a business can monitor sales activities and access a wide range of business-critical reports anytime from anywhere in the world. With Alliance CRM, the employee can quickly access the customer’s history and respond appropriately in a timely fashion. Ultimately, access to comprehensive customer information translates into faster service, and more satisfied customers. With the integration of Alliance Ensembler with Unified messaging system, an end user can send quotes, orders invoices to its customers through fax or an email.

You can also remove access privileges for an employee whose current job duties do not require access to Alliance Ensembler, an employee who is on a temporary leave of absence, or a former employee who has to remain in the system for administrative purposes, even though he or she is no longer a member of your organization.


1. Account Management Account Management System to track Customer Business related activities. Accounts are the companies and organizations involved with one’s business.
2. Contact Management Creation and management of contacts. Contacts are all of the individuals associated with one’s accounts.
3. Customer Management Creation and management of customers. Customers are accounts with which we do business.
4. Lead Management Creation and tracking of all lead assigned. A lead is a prospect or potential opportunity – a person you met at a conference who expressed interest, or someone who filled out a form on your company’s website.
5. Product Management Allows to create and manage all the products & services of your organization. It is used to handle the Products the company is dealing with.
6. Opportunity Management Tracking and Management of all Opportunities. Opportunities are sales and pending deals.
7. Quotation Management Quotation creation and its management. Quotations are orders.
8. Journals An efficient reporting system of work performed within an organization Journals are used to enter daily reports.
9. REPORTS Various reports allow managers to get productivity information, sales and revenue generated.

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