About Alliance Infotech

Alliance Infotech help businesses automate their customer interaction and experience management for services and customer acquisition. We offer Contact center Solutions services and products like Universus logger, Voice Exchange, and Ensembler. We are building a cutting edge intelligent communications platform as a service and looking to help your team build quality. Our expertise in automation frameworks and tools will play a key part in taking customer experience and satisfaction to the next level.  We create a seamless engagement experience for our customers regardless of their locations, devices, or applications. Through our products, custom application development and consulting services we enable companies to re-engineer critical business processes for stronger relationships and enhanced interactions. We enhance the customer experience by omnichannel contact center solutions to connect seamlessly with the client through voice, text, mail, video, SMS, fax, social media etc.
Alliance contact center platform Universus (TM) is built upon two decades of experience of working with customers across 28 countries and more than 30 verticals



Unlimited Opportunities. Best Business Solutions.  Healthier Customer Relations.



New age contact center platform which brings automation driven by Bots and Machine learning lead automation for self-service and AI enabled drivers for enhanced agent performance.