A voice response system developed for GE-SBI cards, which allows a caller to check the credit card details, know the status of applications, and apply for SBI cards.


Our Solutions

The system is capable of handling 24 customer calls simultaneously. It at present handles up to 10,000 calls a day. Integration has been done with Lucent Definity switches, screen scraping technology to read from sensitive databases. This system was further extended to include extensive logging, reporting and fail-safe mechanisms making it one of the most challenging and robust systems developed at Alliance.


This system has been duplicated in 5 other centers in India, namely Pune, Hyderabad and Madras, Chennai, Mumbai in addition to the parent system in Gurgaon.


The system is designed as a standard 3-tier architecture with the voice response system functioning at the client layer, the component server acting as the application layer where the business logic of the application is defined and the Oracle database as the database layer. The architecture is distributed with the application layer and database layer located centrally and the client components installed at the various location in India.


Alliance Infotech has been given the support contract at all centers reflecting the trust GE has in our ability.


Technology applied is Telephony APIs of Intel Dialogic, VC++, Microsoft Component Server, Oracle 8i Database. Project duration is 8 months(ongoing support).Project size is(in dollars) $50,000. A number of resources applied are 1 project leader,3 developers,1 support staff,2 testing resources, and 1 documentation resource. Reference is also available.

Overview of a process followed

On receiving the order, a meeting to kick off the project with GE, the screen scraping experts and Alliance Infotech was held to discuss held project schedule and plan. Detailed schedule and plan was done and submitted to the client for approval.


After approval, Alliance Infotech prepared a software requirement specification based on the requirements of the client. This document detailed the application flow and was sent to GE for approval.


After approval of this document, Alliance Infotech did the design of the entire system and came out with an internal document.

The developers now started coding the application based on the design. The developers also prepared test plans for the modules simultaneously.

The application along with the test plan was released to the testing team. Detailed test reports were maintained. A consolidated list of bugs was submitted to the developers.

The developers removed the bugs the testing team had found and released the next version to the testing team. The testing team cleared the application.

The support staff took over creation setup and prepared for the training of GE personnel. The documentation department delivered the administration, installation and user manuals.

The support staff went to the client’s premises, installed the system, tested it on site, trained the staff and handed over the system for UAT(user acceptance test).

Changes/modifications required during UAT were consolidated and cleared by the testing staff on site. The code for software accepted by GE was put into visual source safe as a release1.0 and was backed up as part of standard procedure.

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