Power major implements Helpdesk solution


A web-based fault recovery management system allowing customers to enter and track complaints over the Internet or telephone.


The Client


Our customer is the largest power generating company in India. Incorporated in the year 1975 with the objective of planning, promoting and organizing an integrated development of thermal power in the country. They are a public sector company wholly owned by Govt. of India has a power generating capacity of about 20,000 MW in the four major power regions of the country.


The Strategic Threshold


The client is a 50,000 employee strong organization. The management was concerned regarding their employees not getting fault correction support from the organization due to the mishandling of complaints.

The client had a fault registration service for its’ employees residing in large, distributed company-owned housing complexes and other residential facilities. The employees would face immense problems when trying to lodge their complaints or request for repairs.

The important issue was reiterating the fault status log and action reports. The client had a manual system for maintaining complaints lodged and the status of the trouble recovery. However, like all manual systems handling millions of requests, this one too proved to be ineffective and led to dissatisfied employees. The management along with our consultants came up with an innovative application to solve this critical issue.


Our Solution

Our team identified the following key issues to be addressed in our solution for the client.


Maintaining complain history and other related records.
To ensure that complains do not go unregistered and unattended.
To deploy an employee friendly system which will provide feedback and recovery status over the phone.


Our consultants with the client deployed an Automated Centralized Telephone Fault Registration System (ACTFRS). Automating the existing manual process of receiving the complaint details, inquiry etc. on the telephone. A complaint is lodged when an authorized customer (Present employee or a resident) makes a phone call. The call is recognized and stored. After which it is forwarded to a customer engineer who is assigned to this complaint.

The customer engineer initiates the recovery work and keeps the ACTFRS (Automated Central Telephonic Fault Registration System) updated with the complaint status. Once the trouble has been fixed, the complaint is closed. The complainer can check the status by calling into the central system.


When the customer makes a telephone call to ACTFRS and inquires about the status of his complaint, the intelligent software checks the status in the ACTFRS and conveys the status to the calling customer on the telephone.


The company wanted to develop an easy-to-use interface to the ACTFRS system where customers could enter complaints. ACTFRS allows customers to enter complaints and then track the history and status of their complaints. Today, the organization is reaping the benefits of a well-designed, easy-to-use fault management system that has greatly enhanced the commitment it ensures to its people.

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