Media giant adds interactivity with live “On-air” polling


A leading Media Giant looks for assistance when it comes to editing live on – air telephonic polls and views.


The Client


Our client is India’s largest 24-hour Entertainment, News and Education Satellite Television Network.

The Strategic Threshold


With television penetration increasing exponentially, the viewer’s appetite for programs with facts and realistic data had also increased. Realizing this shift our client wanted to leverage IT to their News Channel. They desired a solution, which allowed them to take on-air polls and even views. With no such system in place, our client depended on getting these statistics from other research agencies, which translated into high cost and reliability issues. The more important of these issues was the reliability and interpretation of the data.


Our Solution


Our solution focuses on taking responses/opinion from viewers and allows the producer to filter the messages that go on air. The messages get distributed amongst the agents online, in real time.



It caters to both analog and digital lines
Viewers can leave messages for specific subjects
Viewers can leave their opinion on the topic chosen by Client
Agents can listen to messages and accept/reject with their comments
A producer can listen to the filtered messages and prioritize them to play on air.


Our team used Dialogic SDK 5.0 to receive calls on analog as well as digital lines. The system steps the viewer/caller through the flow on the system. Once the viewer/caller has chosen the topic of his interest, he can leave his message. The filtering is done in three phases. The agent for the topic selected would be allowed to listen to the messages, accept the message with his comments or plain reject the message. The accepted messages would be played out to the producer while he is off the air. The producer can accept or reject the messages. He can prioritize the messages to be played on air. Besides this, our clients will have access to all the figures updated with every new call. Agents can request for a graph, tables or just plain numbers at any time from the system to suit their requirements.

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