Konfer PRO


Organizations of all types and sizes see the benefits of incorporating audio conferencing into their communications processes. It is the easy and cost effective way to communicate and collaborate among employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Alliance Konfer provides an easy and cost-effective way to conduct conferences via telephone with a disbursed group of employees, customers or partners. Audio conferences, whether traditional PSTN or Voice over IP(VoIP), can be used as a cost-effective complement to overcome travel and face-to-face meetings. Users can quickly set up and manage virtual meetings from any telephone resulting in better communication and collaboration along with a significant cost savings advantage over traditional audio conferencing services.

Our audio conferencing system help organizations improve business processes and communications while significantly reducing conferencing costs. Compared to conferencing bridges from other providers, organizations using Konfer audio conferencing solution benefits from significantly lower cost-of-ownership, enhanced security for sensitive corporate information,and more effective communication among employees, customers and partners. Konfer also provides the flexibility of having control and management of the conference either via the telephone, your PC or a combination of both.



  • Server based solution built on Industry Standard Platform
  • IVRS and Web Interface to provide user friendly controls
  • Open Architecture
  • Network Compatibility – Interface with LAN, WAN, Email Infrastructure
  • Scalable, Expandable – 30 to 360 channels on single machine
  • Moderator Controlled and Without Moderator modes
  • Secure and Intuitive Operation – Multi-tier Security options
  • Full screen graphical interface
  • Easy guided menus to control conference on the phone


  • Manage Board meetings, Financial/ Operational- sensitive calls.
  • No crowding around in conference rooms
  • Easily handle issues on call while  on your desktop/ car/ home
  • Reduce travel costs and expenses
  • Reduce precious man hours wasted in non-official conversation
  • Hold multiple conferences simultaneously
  • Multiple Notifications wont allow you to forget a scheduled conference
  • Quick ROI- within 6 months
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