Konfer Lite

Alliance Konfer provides an easy and cost-effective way to conduct conferences via telephone with a disbursed group of employees, customers or partners. Audio conferences, whether traditional PSTN or Voice over IP(VoIP), can be used as a cost-effective complement to overcome travel and face-to-face meetings. Users can quickly set up and manage virtual meetings from any telephone resulting in better communication and collaboration along with a significant cost savings advantage over traditional audio conferencing services.


System Description:

KonferLite1.0 is a conferencing solution developed on Linux. It has facility of multiple
conference room with the multiple users. This system will help users to use basic
conferencing features.


Features List:

1. Dial In Facility only.
2. When Moderator Disconnect, Conference automatically ends.
3. Multiple Conferences Simultaneously.
4. Unlimited Conference participants.
5. Unlimited Conference rooms.
6. Control Features to Administrator
(A). Login using conferencing PIN
(C). Conference Lock/unlock
(D). Self Mute/ Unmute
(E). Self Volume increase/decrease
(F). Volume increase/decrease of conference
7. Facility to records participants name.
8. Recorded file storing in .wav format
9. Participants to conference despite the Moderator not logging.
10. Call Details for Each Call.
11. Count the participants of Conference
12. Entry and Exit warning tone for participants while entering / exiting a conference
13. Conference using IPPHONE
14. Self mute by participants.
15. Volume increase / decrease by participants.

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