Alliance FaxXchange™ a part of Alliance Universus™ is a latest technology that has modernized the faxing mechanism and made it a simple and easy for the corporate world. It allows the user to send and receive fax messages using existing LAN and Email setup. With Alliance FaxXchange, you can send or receive faxes at the cost of a local call without getting up from your office chair. It dramatically increases your organization’s productivity by sending paperless faxes as digital emails, faxes can be sent directly from your PC to one or several conventional fax machines and receive faxes as an e-mail in your inbox.


E-mail to Fax : This powerful feature lets users deliver an e-mail, Document, Attachments to a fax machine

Fax to E-mail: Sender sends you a fax using normal fax lines and you received it as e-mail in your outlook.

Broadcast Faxing: Users can send multiple faxes as easily as to one.

Ease of use: It is simple to operate and lets users work efficiently without any technical/operational overheads.

Delivery Receipt: Delivery receipt of fax comes in your inbox with date and time.



Privacy of information: : As the fax goes out and comes in using outlook there is a great privacy of data and the fax does not land in wrong hands.

Get Your Personalize Fax Number: The system allows the organization to offer personalized fax number to all the workers in the organization without adding additional individual fax lines.

Reduce Cost of Infrastructure: The system has a capability to offer multiple extensions from a minimum fax lines without incurring additional monthly cost of telephone services and maintenance.

Enhance Productivity: No more standing in queue to send or receive fax and stay focused on important activities.

Centralize Fax System: Offices at different locations and geography can use a common Fax System deployed at central location


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