CRM Nirvana for on-line Retailer


A Hardware/Software Retail Giant reengineers its Sales-Support, Marketing and Follow-up systems to cope with growth and market competitiveness.


The Client


Our Client is an Indian retail major. It commands a majority of the market share in Direct and Catalogue selling of computer peripherals and H/W components.


The Strategic Threshold


Our client had been using manual operations to maintain the customer database and the inbound call traffic. This reduced greatly the efficiency of their agents (call-operators). Periodically, the agents would waste costly time in asking for the information and adding the same to the database manually. The second issue was the retrieval of the information on matured calls. The process was not helping in any way to utilize their resources optimally.

Finally, they wanted to automate the outbound call traffic by installing an intelligent system which would run for 24 hours and still be cost-effective. The system was to store all the information automatically, reducing the customer interface period. What the client needed was a systematic reengineering of key interaction interfaces that would ramp up the organization’s capabilities and bring efficiency into their daily operations. This needed to be effected with minimum disruption to day-to-day business functioning.


Our Solution


The Alliance team started by studying the present methods. It was important for us to understand the key operations it supported and identify areas where functionality could be enhanced for maximum benefits. Three key areas were identified for re-engineering:


Call Traffic management, Automated data retrieval and finally, reducing the level of human Resources deployed.


The whole project was executed in-house and integrated with an award-winning product “Net Relations”. To minimize the time period for deployment and obstruction to the day to day operations, we had separate teams working on simultaneous development of these applications. A call-center capacity was identified and set-up. The client’s requirement needed the call-center to be a purely card-based application. We provided them with the infrastructure, which was integrated with their existing database. The robustness and the flexibility of the architecture made the solution optimum for our clients growing needs to match market trends. After deploying the enhanced System, the company has found that it has access to accurate and up-to-date data for decision making. The need for manual amendments to orders has been reduced to the minimum. The efficient system now means that our client can manage its customer relations in a cost-effective fashion without any compromise on the quality of service. Our client has proposed us to set up similar facilities in 5 more locations in other parts of the country and Alliance is the partner of choice for its technology solutions.

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