Arcane PRO

With National Security concerns on the line, government private security agencies need accurate and reliable call information in a secure format. ArcaneTM, from Alliance lnfotech, delivers the security many agencies have come to rely on. Alliance has developed a turn-key recording solution using cutting edge technology to record and store all outgoing and incoming calls.

Time is the essence when trying to track down a particular call that includes crucial information. Recordings of calls can be accessed instantly. The time, date, duration of the call, identity of the caller is available with search options, depending on system configurations. Supervisor/s can monitor operators either after the fact, or in real-time, using ArcaneTM, thus enabling instant security assessment.



ACTIVE AND PASSIVE RECORDING – Arcane offers both active and passive logging for most of the TDM and IP soft phones and hard phones.

IP AND HYBRID RECORDING – Arcane allows both pure IP and hybrid recording in the same system without any additional investment in additional servers.

LIVE MONITORING & MULTI-SITE RECORDING – Arcane supports monitoring and recording the interactions at remote locations using a single user interface.

DEDICATED SEARCH ENGINE FOR EASY SEARCH AND REPLAY – Arcane offers a comprehensive search engine comprising of options such as channel number, calling number, CLID, date, call type, tapped number, missed calls and many others for quick search and identification of records.

RELIABLE BACKUP AND STORAGE – Arcane supports multiple storage and redundant backup options including the Network Attached Storage and RAID setups.

INTEGRATION WITH MANY PBX AND PHONE SYSTEMS – Arcane seamlessly integrates with the telephony equipments from the leading manufacturers such as Avaya, Alcatel, Ericsson, NEC, Cisco, Aastra, Siemens, Mitel, Nortel and many others.



  • Standards based platform for easy maintenance – you control the costs.
  • Live monitoring of calls on headsets.
  • Input – Analog audio input from radio or telephone.
  • Multi – Tasking, multi –threaded application permits all functions, such as Playback, Archiving, Searching, and Back Up (even full database backup) to run concurrently without any interruption to call recording.
  • Allows copying of recorded data to removable media.
  • Recording Triggers – VOX (Adjustable), Off Hook and Forced.
  • Extensive Alarm warning modules for hardware and software, failure of storing devices

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